the ask: develop a social campaign to promote Logitech’s Zone Vibe 100 Headphones for ‘Logidays’, the brand’s annual holiday promotion.

the serve: capitalizing on an oh-so relatable  problem; the solution? Logitech ZV 100 Headphones.

Copywriters: Kianna Coley, Ivette Lopez
Art Director: Hazel Sison

ki-words and concepts
︎︎︎ social-first campaign
︎︎︎ product marketing
︎︎︎ holiday/seasonal promotions
︎︎︎ caption writing

 let’s be real..

Spending time with loved ones during the holidays 🤝 annoying and invasive questions that totally kill the vibe.

Using Tik Tok and Twitter, Logitech will spread the message that Zone Vibe Headphones are the cure for awkwardness during the Holiday season.

Turning up Tik Tok*

Amplifying Carribbean, Latin, and Asian cultural nuances surrounding touchy topics like relationships,health and work to develop funny and relatable content.
*note: the above content was originally purposed for Instagram Reels, but client saw Tik Tok as a better fit. 

Twitter Takeover.

Responding to agonized Twitter users as the Zone Vibe Headphones, offering a solution to their family gathering woes. 

Engaging users through other forms of Twitter Content.