the ask: create an amusement park based on an ‘iconic’ brand. 

the serve: Gold Arch City, deliciously inspired by McDonalds. Welcome to city that always eats.

Copywriter: Kianna Coley
Art Directors: Hazel Sison, Avani Choudhary

ki-words and concepts
︎︎︎ product creation/marketing
︎︎︎ influencer/celebrity strategy
︎︎︎ voice writing
︎︎︎ storyboarding

city needs a Mayor. Meet ours. 

Hello World! Quinta Brunson here. I wanna welcome y’all to Gold Arch City. The first ever amusement park created by a food brand! And guess who McDonalds put in charge? Me! I’m THE mayor of Gold Arch City. Yep, callin the shots, the chief fun officer, head hamburger huncho, if you will. Just imagine McDonalds got a super crazy renovation.We’re up here in Des Plaines Illinois if you wanna come visit! It’s a little dinky but its where the first McDonalds opened! So it only made sense to bring the party home! We’ve got rollercoasters, we’ve got gift shops and of course we’ve got food!  Oo, you gotta try the Golden Meal or pick up one of these comfy fry-crocs, I’ve been wearing them for weeks! Bring ya family, bring ya friends, bring the kids, bring yourself if you’re lonely! I’ve got a Hamburglar over here who could definitely use some company.

Anyways, I gotta go check on some important mayor stuff before the big day! See ya soon!

Mayor of Gold Arch City,

Wanna take a tour? 

A storyboard of the official Gold Arch City welcome ad, featuring Quinta Brunson.

Wait. You need your ticket!

Enter the Golden Arches for $105. 

The Attractions.

The Golden Meal.

Having fun builds an appetitie. Mix and Match your favorite archived menu items and pair them with a special Golden Sauce that tastes great with everything under the Gold Arches!

Social Media.