the ask: introduce a brand of your choice to another country using a strategic market penetration strategy that is mindful of the receiving country’s cultural landscape.  

the serve: launching Argentinian brand, Pardo Hats, into the South African fashion market through a viral fashion week campaign. 

ki-concepts and words
︎︎︎ cultural analysis
︎︎︎ repurposing content
︎︎︎ global adverstising
︎︎︎ market penetration
︎︎︎ fashion campaign

The Brand: Pardo Hats.

Pardo Hats, by Sol Pardo, is an Argentinian artisan, high-end hat brand that uses sustainable materials to create colorful, innovative twists to traditional hat styles. Taking 10-50 hours to craft each hat, Pardo promotes slow fashion, and artifacts that can be worn for generations.

Market Penetration: South Africa

Amid historic political unrest and a melting pot of many cultures, South Africa has developed its own identity through fashion. Consumers place importance on supporting local fashion brands and designers over foreign brands. If Pardo Hats wants to succeed in this market, the brand needs to approach consumers respectfully and demonstrate an understanding of the country's cultural landscape.


In the sphere of South African fashion, local designers and identities take precedence over global brands. 


Get: South African lovers of fashion and culture.
To: Engage and shop with Pardo Hats
By: Introducing Pardo Hats through a collaboration with acclaimed South African Fashion Designer Thebe Magugu during SA Fashion week.

"Hola,Molo." (Hello,Hello.)

A collection named using both designers’ home languages, Spanish and South African Zulu. Because Pardo is saying "Hello" to South Africa, penetrating its market for the first time.  

This is Hola, Molo.

We start with a HUGE fashion show in Johannesburg. Garments by Thebe Magugu, Hats by Pardo. Hello, South Africa fashion week! 

Of course, giving the girls on social media some content from the show. Designers Sol Pardo and Thebe Magugu gushing over their landmark collection. We love a good social media recap. 


Did someone say, Billboards? 

Wait..are those Pardo Hats ‘floating’ around Capetown’s famous V&A Waterfront? 

Inspired by 3D Artist Ian Padgham

Glamour Magazine is South Africas most popular fashion and lifestyle publication. Lets capture the essence of Hola,Molo and Designers Sol Pardo and Thebe Magugu through an exclusive spread.

Ready, set..SHOP

Shop the Collection @ Thebe Magugus two storefronts in Capetown, South Africa.

Or conveniently online!