the ask: Popeyes needed a sizzle video to debut their yearly strategy at the 2023 PLK Internal Convention. 

the serve: A heartwarming, southern-charmed script to make you fall in love with the legacy Quick Service Restaurant.

Copywriters: Ricardo Chuecos & Miguel Cedeno (GUT Miami), Kianna Coley 

Agency: GUT Miami
ki-concepts and words
ī¸Žī¸Žī¸Ž client feedback
ī¸Žī¸Žī¸Ž meeting deadlines
ī¸Žī¸Žī¸Ž music curation
ī¸Žī¸Žī¸Ž voice writing
ī¸Žī¸Žī¸Ž internal communications
ī¸Žī¸Žī¸Ž storyboarding

Sometimes, its hard to love Popeyes. Long waits, price inconsistency and not-so-friendly employees can hurt a customers experience. Watch to find out how Popeyes plans to win back the hearts of customers worldwide.