the ask: as a home furniture brand, develop a new collection in partnership with a celebrity or influencer. 

the serve: bring the playa to your casa with Casa De Conejo, a collaboration between Bad Bunny and Urban Outfitters, dropping at Coachella 2023. 

Copywriter: Kianna Coley
Art Directors: Hazel Sison, Avani Choudhary  

ki-words and concepts
︎︎︎ product copywriting
︎︎︎ artist partnerships
︎︎︎ communicating in another language
︎︎︎ multiplatform communication
︎︎︎ experiential advertising


“Urban Outfitters Home is excited to announce, in partnership with Bad Bunny, Casa De Conejo, a collection inspired and curated by the man himself. Who better to represent our community of funky, stylish, and trendsetting individuals? We’re bringing the youthful, playful, and eccentric vibes to every bunnies home with 15 pieces of functional art. 

After months of design and hands-on collaboration, we’ve developed a line of styles the whole world can vibe to. From conventional pieces to not-so conventional pieces, Casa De Conejo provides the most creative solutions for comfort, storage, entertaining and everything in betw-

Ayyye, It’s Benito. I could never imagine I would be at this point in my life. The making of this collection has been a beautiful journey. You all have given me so much, and I want to give something back to you. Casa de Conejo represents my home and mi corazón, and I want each of you to have a piece of it.

Pero por favor don’t break it.”

Check out the must-have pieces from Casa De Conejo. 


The Drop: Coachella de Conejo.

Bad Bunny is the first Solo LATAM artist set to headline the Coachella Music Festival. 

This is the perfect opportunity to drop Casa De Conejo. Fans will seek mementos or merch from his performances, but we’ve got something better - an entire furniture collection and a once-in-a lifetime opportunity...keep reading!

We’ve all felt the suspense waiting for the headlining artist to take the stage. The biggest Bad Bunny fans will arrive hours before his performance. To alert fans that something is coming, we’ll play this sizzle video on a large screen at Coachella ⬆️ Pay attention, and make sure your bluetooth is on (wink wink).  

Surprise! You just received the airdrop of the century - an invite to the real-life Casa De Conejo, an installation open to all guests of Coachella. 

Shop the pieces on display at Casa de Conejo for a chance to hang back and watch Bad Bunny’s headlining performance. A text will be sent to lucky shoppers who opt-in for Urban Outfitters SMS messaging at checkout. No spam, we promise. 

Can’t Make Coachella?

No worries. Casa De Conejo will debut on Instagram at the exact same moment our installation opens. Access the collection through the Urban Outfitters Instagram Storefront.

For the bunnies working through Coachella FOMO on Spotify, Casa De Conejo will be available under the music platforms new Merch tab powered by Shopify. 

When Coachella is over, we want to recenter the hype around the collection itself. We need another way in for our audience to connect with the collection. “Pillow Talk” with Bad bunny is an intimate interview-style series where Bad Bunny gives us all the details about the making of the collection- from his bed! 

We love a good-old landing page. Visit Urban Outfitters Home to Shop Casa de Conejo.