but, you can call me Ki.   

I used to think the only way I could impact others with my words were singing on stage with a microphone and instrumental, or lawyering it up in of judge and jury in a courtroom. so I tried both lol. 

performing as a r&b singer and studying as a pre-law student were experiences polar opposite from eachother, but when I thought about who I really I wanted to be, she was the middle. 

enter: copywriting. 

when I learned that I could channel my creative energy behind the scenes to make others feel seen, heard, and important, I jumped at the opportunity to become who I am supposed to be.

every line of copy feels like writing lyrics, going over and over them until I know I've got a triple-platinum headline in front of me; romanticizing everyday parts of life to make someone's day, to bring good news, and to bring the best out of myself, and my audience.